Average Facebook Page Reaches 12.6% But how many actually sell #Socialcommerce #fashiontech

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TweetFacebook doesn’t often reveal baseline statistics for their platform. The typical number floating around regarding Reach is about 16%.

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

 "how are you selling"-  One of  the small creative  companies I  work with report 20-30% increase in sales each  quarter and I expect that to triple this Holiday  season, all from  his Social media strategy. Indie Creative busiensses that  do not have a specific physical addres have unique challenges, They may have one style in various colors or 100 completely  unique style. Our Goal is conversion. Reach and conversion confuses many … some esperts place FaceBook place reach  at  a little over  3%  yet for many  FB is their ONLY marketing post. www.Demarketplace.com is designed to maximize teh  Impact  By using  a mixture of Curation, Social recommendations Collaborative and Integrated marketing strategies maximized for mobile and other digital distribution platforms. The focus is  Conversion and that means something  completly different.

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