Can Indie artist crafters & designers Prep a Black Friday Social Media Strategy- #artstech #fashiontech

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During the holidays, social media use increases and people research products online. Prepare your Black Friday social media strategy now–

Email is a more effective way to convert customers than social media

Email plus social: the key to wrapping up holiday marketing success

As a final point, I want to bring up three studies from the 2012 holiday season: Forrester’s “Purchase Path of Online Buyers 2012,” and IBM’s Black Friday Report 2012 and Cyber Monday Report 2012. In each of these studies, social media was found to be relatively ineffective to drive sales. Email on the other hand was quite effective to drive sales relative to social


Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

Many  Indie designers, artist and crafters never quite fall into any of these … while they have no  physical address they can free divulge to shoppers, they’re  are  too small to compete, and often what little resources they have  are tied up in inventory and stock!

That realization led me to  group them together on and we”re planning an online expo to put their offerings in the hands of  shoppers standing in lines, or browsing… and yes as usual email rocks!

However they still have to prep, and frankly that means a crash  course in prepping to maximize sales. We’re also looking for community spaces that they can collaboratively acquire and to  ensure they can getthis done we’re distributing  a free e-book that looks at  holidya marketing  for this niche group!


and we’re exploring  a special Black holiday  campaign… a sort of "Blog  carnival" (yes old school social media)  meets #social commerce… 

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