Free guide to packaging creative limited edition, limited or specialty items for holiday sales online

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A free ebook with tips that will help make your holiday  sales campaign run smoother!

I help creatives who fall under special niches, one of a kind, custom, local, handmade, Black, Green,  Brooklyn  Global, Caribbean, African, artist, Designers, Artisans, Stylist Crafters, use technology to  create a profit from their passion.  I focus on those who produce locally across the  globe. I understand that how they package their product can help it move

In launching a marketing  initiative it is necessary that these great products are  well packaged.  So we’ll be sending out a guide that  will help them better package their products, services and merchandise for holiday sale.  Not just gift  giving (Hostess, office, corporate gifts) but  the consumer’s need to

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

I  am gifting my digital marketing skills to  colleagues this holiday season, to supplement or augment their own efforts. I usually  do a product , website and strategy review before taking on any paid marketing.  I offer several layers of help develop a business marketing and/or revenue strategy that take anywhere from 28 hrs to 52 session over a long period of time and several Plans. There is not the time for a full remedial treatment. 

I’m spending  today  pulling together a quick  guide, to creatives on packaging their "product, services and merchandise’ for holiday gift giving. Now   push for the mid November- End of December season, that accounts for 40-50% of the income of retailers should have started. So this is more of a quick  fix approach! Addressing immediate need

Artist Artisans Crafters and Designers Please submit using the submit page or the direct Google drive form

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