#Gentrification was the reason given for 4w’s demise what was it @3rdWardbrooklyn #Brooklyn #Incubator Closings

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Blessed Are the Makers: The Rise and Fall of 3rd Ward…

The sudden collapse last week of art center and studio/co-working space 3rd Ward unceremoniously revealed the incompetence with which the company was managed and its frighteningly anemic cash flows…

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

The social streams lit up recently with the  dramatics of 3rd Ward’s closing –  I ‘m waiting  for the  movie… this stuff is fascinating. 
 FYI 3rd Ward brooklyn (see links to articles below) was not the first  incubator space in Brooklyn. 4W Circle of Arts and Enterprise celebrated 17 years when  3rd ward was starting. 

artist have always known  something was wrong at 3rd ward I remembered the  early  complaints. 

… many  chose the fame, glam, press and presence that this "gave’ rather than  working out their issues and building their businesses. My heart goes out to those displaced especially  at this time  … but part of  success is making  judgement calls . it is interesting to read the articles and comments and wonder how will the new ‘incubator" spaces Inspired by the 3rd Ward story  do. to ensure their success.

A creative space is Unique running it  and making  decisions for one takes a unique skillset and experience
With 4w they blamed gentrification.

With 3rd ward… what would they  say.

I came in to 4W revised  it’s incubator and added creative entrepreneurial classes sales shot up and many had their best  Holiday season. However  recommendations for funding the space were not accepted by management.

A space has cost and that has to be addressed. individuals running a space  work hard and need to be paid. ( I could only afford to volunteer my  expertise for about 7 months and continued working with  individuals long after the doors shot)  So I find the comments about  the  cost of his home home worrysome and indicative of the creative mentality that creative expertise is less valuable than that of a lawyer or  accountant. 

So what shut the doors many on the  outside were also shocked that 4W closed it’s doors. an Incubator is a busienss Creative spaces need to break even  at the least and they can… I’ve since worked with individuals here and abroad on  programs that successfully help creatives. Space changes teh numbers and I refuse to spend more than X dollars a square foot… an incubator will work where there is no middle man situation to  double/tripple cost. which is why artist communities  are usually (started) in  deserted outpost. 

However  while space helps It is the changes, that artist make to their businesses and revenue model they institute, that  matters to creatives success. No  business should be in a space like this more than 3 years. There are many questions to be answered.






more via a google search http://goo.gl/awlp1h 


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Crain’s NY on  4W Circle of arts and Entertainment just before their 2006 closing 


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