How to deal with #ransomeware Defending Against CryptoLocker | Security Intelligence Blog | Trend Micro

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Trend Micro offers tips and solutions to help prevent Cryptolocker infection.

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

Your read right  #ransomeware 
Seriously… That’s why 
I have a strict  no  download policy… 
so to small busiensses and artist I deal with, please  upload your files to Google docs and share them with me. if you  refuse to get  Gmail Then I wIll not open your files (yahoo files need to be downloaded) . unless they are on a link a trust.  When you’re a smal business on a budget  and a time frame, You’re your tech support. my philosophy, if it  does not break  I won’t need to fix it! 

 for images while i love  I use it’s easy to sync  entire folders and use files on my  picasa desktop

For live presentation  I like

as it allows me to control a presentation  that  those on teh other end can see on their laptops or mobile devices. 

I have not settled on  a video storage yet though google hangouts with you tube is leading it’s just too unpredictable and not all users can easily adapt to using it1  


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