Shine’s – Best Skirt for Every Body Type is way off. Who’s giving you #fashion & #style advice

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The Best Skirt for Every Body Type
By Gina Marinelli, Refinery29
” the most flattering skirt has nothing to do with whether or not you have a tan – the trick is in the perfect fit. ..
Breaking down the most common body types, we went searching for the best silhouettes to complement your body. From those with the leggy stature of Karlie Kloss to others who have curves that rival an Italian Renaissance muse, you’ll find the perfect shape in these 10 skirt types that’ll make you feel like a million. So, break out the tights, if necessary, but trust – you’ll want to keep these pieces around all season long.”

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

Both Designers and consumers need to truly understand fit on REAL women. The advice in the Yahoo article will NOT serve most women, especially those above size 10.   

Every Body is Different How to Select your Natural Style even at #Retail.

 I get so many questions on FIT. While working with young  designers I realized many had a hard time coming  to terms with  who they  really needed to dress. One literally  cried when she realized that  her sizing stopped at  10 but  90% of her customers were size 12 and above. I know some experienced designer who STILL do not  "get it" and wonder why they  are not selling. 


To the  consumer:- If buying "off-rack" is your only option,  I suggest taking  items to be customized to suit your figure. Speak up  if  it’s in your closet and you cannot wear it, the label needs to  know.

I’ll have geneal  article on the blog and more detailed "how to’s’  for members. 

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