#Tech now city’s 2nd major sector, #Brooklyn LEADS- jobs up 24% & wages Up 54% #Bkstyle #fashiontech!

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New York City’s economy has traditionally been dominated by finance, real estate, and media. But tech may be taking hold as a staple of the private sector, according to a new report, “Building a….
Brooklyn’s tech sector grew faster from 2007 to 2012 than in any other urban center except for San Francisco. Tech employment in Brooklyn grew by 24 percent while wages grew by 54 percent. There was a noticeable impact from the $604 million acquisition of MakerBot, a 3D printing company based in downtown Brooklyn,.

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

It makes No sense to pursue ANY new initiative in  any  secor  sector without  a tech focus. … now maybe local fashion companies will pay  attention to tech and local official will see it as important!

SMH so many  are unaware that  a tech sector even exist in NYC, let alone in Brooklyn! So many are unaware of teh numbers.

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