The Worst Part Of The Kanye-Kimmel Saga- how fear of expression is affecting #free speech #diversity # racism

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For some, it was just another time that Angry/Crazy/Unhinged Kanye West let his ego get the best of him…. 

Let’s talk about what Kanye actually said in his interview with Zane Lowe. He said that he feels he’s not respected as a designer by white executives in the fashion world. He contrasted his shut-out from corporate branding and designing deals to those worlds’ embrace of Lady Gaga. He noted that he’s the biggest rock star on the planet.

Where did he lie? Which one of those statements is not only true, but obvious to anyone who doesn’t force themselves to believe in the myth of a post-racial America? Are we really mad because Kanye thinks black creatives have a harder time being taken seriously than white creatives, or are we mad because Kanye is confident enough to say it out loud?

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

It is FEAR of this type of redicule that  keeps many "under control" … It is this FEAR that is responsible for a mediocre creative scene. So next time you complain about the quality of your art  and entertainment… think. 

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