@OSFashion even at 30% off #FFCNYC is one I cannot recommend – more fashion in #Fashiontech please.

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The Freestyle Fashion Conference will offer attendees a unique learning experience, while providing an environment that lends towards building meaningful connections.  The program is comprised of a series of focused classes related to the business of Fashion. All sessions are taught by experts with very specific domain expertise.  This is a great opportunity for brands, retailers, creatives, and business development professionals working in Fashion, Retail, or Technology!

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

My usual recourse is simply NOT to say anything about events I myself would not support. I understand as do many  that  designers call on me and that  I share vital information. They trust me and my  concern for them and their livelihood is genuine. So I have to be honest this is not one I would recommend. 

It was not designed for  an indie fashion focus, Saturday is also one of the BUSIEST  days for the Indie Fashion sector. This type of conference is NOT how creatives learn, and the creatives in my circle are actually better off putting their funds into a last ditch  holiday push. If  paying over $100 to connect or sit and listen to a panel is worth it then by all means. 

That money needs to be put towards product developnent and marketing  for the Holiday season. I am, these days especially concerned about the dire straits most indie designers find themselves and worse that most Fashion Tech  companies are essential using them as bait to attract funding… many have never heard of these sites outside of the seminars and workshops  I give and few can actually use this information.

Look, those hoping for "exposure and connections’ well the decision is yours.  Consider what new you can you seriously learn from 4 topics in one morning. This one day format  does little for designers. Then again I’m not sure how knowledgeble those planning are about the actual indie design sector.

Looking at the lineup it is more traditional than Indie or "Opensource". The indie design sector is in shambles… and the Fashion Tech sector has done little to  assist or genuinely seek their interest. despite the press many have received, few are actually selling and the reason is simple the current system does not meet or support their needs. 

The courses individual and in depth  would be great especially if really given a fashion/apparel focus. I also recommend they check out the various sites and familiarize themselves with teh players. As it is this is more tailored for the startup  founder. Who has more of a Media-tech foused.  

 I am sorry but something is wrong and we need t as a sector to  take a tough look and not only chart a course, but honestly  speak out… Now if you know nothing of teh fashion tech  space or scene, then this definitely is something you can add to your weekend calendar. 




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