This Definitive Guide To Making Better (And Better Informed) Decisions – misses the mark.

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Eggs or fruit for breakfast? Sell or stay independent? Pants or no pants? Decisions decisions: They’re everywhere. Worry not this guide’s here to help.

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

Before you  click through to read the article.  List  5 decisions you need to make. write them  down .
now read the article and look at the decisions in question.
has the artivle helped you.make a decision
are you confident you can  follow through and it work. 

So many articles promise a solution, orto give ideas and at the end you are no  closer to  understanding what you need "to  do" 

Teaching  strategy, the motives behind the decisions that guide your actions is tough!  Thereis no greater feeling than seeing who has been struggling, suddenly,"Get it". 

"So tha’s what I need to aim to do."

Learning  to make better  decisions matter. The article does not give us a guide to  defining "better" or a way to measure "better" where do we start and what  do we do next. How do I sift through choices. Truth is even Gut feelings  are not unbiased.  

 The first step is deciding which advise to take, what makes sense and learning to  ask questions… "how will this help me achieve the goal."


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