To See More Local Jobs – You need to Buy More Locally Made Items

See on Scoop.itBlack Fashion Designers

I need help  helping others!  Building out the larger tech  solution is one aspect , but  we need to prep local creatives to leverage that technology.

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

We curate items to  guarantee they are of teh best  quality, and offer a slew of support to artist… weneed your help… please purchase one item as a gift or for yopur self and share


Creatives have till teh  end of this holiday season to earn teh  bulk of teh funding that wil support then  next  year… They need to  have stock for the holiday… so we’re starting a series of project  to support them



Share these pages and recommend items


Buying  just one item  will go along way…  Stop Talking and complaing… create change! 



 Artist,  Designers, Crafters, Conceptualist Fill out this form to  the best of your ability  

I am her eto help



See on


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