Stack up on these clutches- It’s not #Shopping it’s #Funding Black designers #nyfw

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Stack up on  these hand made African print clutches   perfect  for fall the beauty is there versatility. They  go  just about anywhere and with  just about  anything  from the  office to a girl’s Sunday brunch; with a suit or with jeans!

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

We’re turning  skill and stock into  seed capital for creatives. Having Presented to benfit  a Charity  at NYfW Tenneh need to create stock for holiday. A period when Creatives earn 70% of  their sales. She is not alone This inaugural run will soon launch into a full site and platform to support funding creative- Fashion, Design,  Art, Makers- Beauty Bath , Body. 
We also offer much need 9and tested) support services! 

Shop clutches or slouches here


Artist,  Designers, Crafters, Conceptualist Fill out this form to  the best of your ability 

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