Cities, Startup Culture crime reduction community inspiration why @ NYTM NEEDs to #Diversify

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Cities, Startup Culture and the Neglected Role of Our Public Schools


Can a local startup culture reduce or even deter crime? Can a business incubator motivate, mentor and inspire innovative youth in a positive direction that benefits local economies?


Plenty of would-be entrepreneurs are sitting in our K-12 classrooms. They’re not getting the help they need to become the innovators who could boost our economies.

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

This is why I’m insistent that @ NYTM NEEDS to #Diversify, these "troubled" neighborhoods simply need  Innovation and challenges. They need space and something to  look  forward to. My cousin’s 6th grade son  just came and asked me to teach him to build a website. the same kid who  runs from homework and chores has made time on his schedule.  At  present I exist in two worlds the world of NYTech, leading innovation worldwide  and when I cross the Atlantic… i.e. Atlantic avenue in Brooklyn a world that cannot compete with some third world countries… something  needs to be done! 

Diversity can refer to sex, class, socio-economics, education, age, profession, niche, religion, philosophy, psyche.. it is engaging with those who are different from you. .. It is not simply race or ethnicity. 



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