ART Preparing Creatives For Business in The Contextual Web Era

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Maybe I’m a closet  nomad but I like my art in an “African” sensibility,delivered in a utilitarian mode in my carpets, fabrics, utensils, furniture architecture tools.  I am also  an artist, I’m dying to get my hand into some pastels, or paint.

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

Many approaches are top heavy  focusing on the technology, with little attention  paid to best use practices or integration and adaptation… in short… holes are not plugged and creatives, fashion designers and artist are bleeding despite successes of  large disruptive creative tech  companies. .

In restructuring my  web site I needed to pull various key  component together and as such  I looked  at  my perceptions on Fashion, art,  media and entertainmant.  

this is the third in the series … 

up next  FASHION   


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