How Can We Generate Social (or for that matter) Any Innovation?

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If social innovation is a journey, the infographic below attempts to map out a path and help define…

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

I developed a Creative entrepreneurial program, built around the above mentioned with slight variations … Lather- {listen learn (design)}, Rinse- (adapt), Repeat-

Now I’m at  a crossroads  I find myself reviewing  the various projects or (Pre-startups) as I choose to call them, seeking the next direction and trying to scale, expanding outside my core group. I am encountering find a push back, fear of risk, fear of failing.

Even the very  individuals questioning a lack of innovation will not hesitate to shy away from trying anything new. 

One partner  attributes it to the education system in leading  universities where grades are given on getting the lesson "right" not  making new discoveries. .. interesting…

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