Disruptive Style – #SewOpen and rethinking The Supply Chain in The Business of Local Fashion

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Local designers are now serving a global  customer. That the very way we conceive and delivery  fashion products services and merchandise needs a huge “disruption”, has been on my mind for some time.

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

I’ve commited to  persuing an open sewing  project  for local design sector globally. Frankly I’m tired of "those who seek to  disrupt" without first  understanding. case in point  a startup owner who  emailed me promising a solution by  removing the "middle man", in teh process they sought to up affiliate fees for sellers to 30 % . Sounds good but  who is going to do teh work teh middle man  does. The local designer who alreay is doing 100% of teh production. 

or thesites that encourage designers to  upload their sales images, promising  sales , then ask THEM to provide their existing  customer list. NEVER once have i seen ad ad by any of these sites locally. again the designer is taking 100%  of the responsibility.  

I  was instrumental in the start of FashionCamp NY The Fashion tech unconference.  I’ve won prizes in two fashion Hack Photohack day and Gilt, … and participated in a Third (Hearst) all part of vital research into the topic. I’ve done several  "Pre-Startup Projects"  over teh years, all have lead me to  one conclusion. the entire supply management  system needs an overhaul.  If not  now when. 

If interested in participating or organizing  a local group  please fill out the contact form. 

See on www.bonniesandy.com


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