21 best of George Takei Samples by @Huffpost using @facebook new embed feature. What would you embed

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George Takei is lovable for countless reasons — but to name a few: he played the unforgettable Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu on Star Trek, he’s a fierce gay rights advocate and he happens to have one of the best social media presences of any celebrity…

Bonnie Sandy‘s insight:

On my list I’d be, 
Curating  interesting post  from designers & labels 

responding in a broader format to FB  discussions

Critique of images show BADLY fitted garment (my pet peeve)


What that means is that those using  FB to market need to  up their game! 
Post need to be more interesting and call to actions etc need to be tight…  
now couple that  with  Social graph  and Google Plus, as well as the Convergence of Media in General and there is a lot to  get ready  for and serious marketing to do … are you  up to the  challenge! 


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