#Fashion #Apparel consumers are going to choose, create and design their own wardrobes.

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Just as i launch  Style Canvas! "#consumerdevelopment  training allowing  today’s #Fashion and Apparel customers to  choose create and design  their own wardrobes will need to be a part of the future fashion scope,  if  Li Edelkoort  manifesto on why "fashion is obsolete" is correct.  In her words – "The consumers of today and tomorrow are going to choose for themselves, creating and designing their own wardrobes," she writes. 

Still, I  do not see fashion as obsolete so much as evolving…  that  I have often felt like a lone wolf  addressing  solutions to almost all the key points! .  Customers creating is not new.  Across the globe "Bespoke" design dressmakers have been facilitating this for decades’. What is lacking is training in design on a level the consumer can embrace…
StyleCanvas came from customers  desire to be fulfilled. To design  or at least  codesign their own  items! 

 "Ten reasons why the fashion system is obsolete" http://www.dezeen.com/2015/03/02/li-edelkoort-manifesto-anti-fashion-obsolete/

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Li Edelkoort publishes manifesto on why “fashion is obsolete”

Under Education, Edelkoort argues that students are being trained “to become catwalk designers, highly individual stars and divas, to be discovered by luxury brands.”

“As a result the fashion world is still working in a 20th-century mode, celebrating the individual, elevating the it-people, developing the exception… in a society hungry for consensus and altruism,” she writes. “This places fashion out of society and de facto makes it old-fashioned.”

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Few  in design will have the balls to honestly  discuss these issues as it means facing their individual role in the matter!  #Fashion #Stateoftheindustry #realitycheck #PFW 

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Tech Site Gigaom “Shutting Down” heralds a MAJOR shift #technology how have you adapted

On his personal site, Malik posted that the company is now in the hands of its lenders. He also posted the following:

There will be time for postmortems, but not today. Today, I want to thank all the people who make (and have helped make) Gigaom. Their role in this journey was

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Tech Site Gigaom "Shutting Down" heralds  a MAJOR shift #technology. How have or will you adapte. It’s no  longer solely  about  new, use or even  "new" technology. It’s not even about  how can i make money from this new technology, or how can New technology help me make money!  It’s about how will media make money to simply survive… developing  products, services, merchandise, programs even events! 

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@tessholliday #tessmunster #plussized #effyourbeautystandards but @Torrid SMH bad #fit is #BADFit!

 Tess Holliday went girlie-glam in a new campaign for Torrid—and we got a behind-the-scenes look a…

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@tessholliday #tessmunster #plussized #effyourbeautystandards but @Torrid SMH bad #fit is #BADFit!  Yes I loved the images, but  the  I spotted the  bad FIT!  It’s a side effect from almost  30 years fitting  women and helping them with their wardrobe needs! Trust me  the arm is no place for a princess seamline detail! The jacket also looks like it cannot button!  So what is Jane Public to do but trust the manufacturer…   Well you can empower yourself … Learn how to see, select  and shop, even  through a digital screen! 

We  can train consumers to read the  images, understand their own unique body canvas and and select the FIT for their approval –  in short  a program that teaches, ""Technical  Product Analysis  for fashion and style consumers & service providers (we’re actually launching such a program – BonnieSandy.com/stylecast …. or we can curate #badfit products online at  scoop.it/t/stylelust 

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Staying Relevant in a Swiftly Changing (Retail) World

never losing sight of the most fundamental tenets of retailing: producing products that people want to buy, in the most optimized and profitable way, without doing harm.

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Are you supplying  what your customer needs, or desires. The demise of three Japanese firms,  seafood seller in business 465 yr , a confectioner – 533 yrs, and a temple-construction company – 1,429 yrs, remind us to "never losing sight of the most fundamental tenets of retailing: producing products that people want to buy, in the most optimized and profitable way, without doing harm."

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High-fashion nomad.” Willow Smith and Fashion that Allows for Mountain Climbing

“Misfit hero, songwriter, and junior philosopher Willow Smith seems to defy categories. But when asked to describe her aesthetic style, she had a specific category all lined up and ready to go: “High-fashion nomad.” In an interview with Billboard, she explains: “

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 "High-fashion nomad." is willow Smith’s  #Fashionaesthetic, – So what’s YOUR Aesthetic style!… 

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