“There’s nothing innovative or new about this Uber is just capitalism, in its most naked form”

There’s nothing innovative or new about this business model. Uber is just capitalism, in its most naked form

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"The Idolatry-of-Self" and the seven deadly sins, wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.  The greater question is why do many simply  fall for these , and  willingly play  a part in their own demise… many simply do not want the responsibility or "work", of "fair cost", associated with doing the alternatives. The truth is people are placing themselfves in these situations because of laziness, greed, and a focus on self… they can only see and are only concerned with, " immediate benefit to themselves ". Tackle that problem of a "me", "The Idolatry-of-Self" – based society and Ubers etc will not gain traction!  Self https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_deadly_sins

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Israel’s Dip-Tech Digital In-Glass Printing Changes the Face of Architecture

More Than Just A Façade: Dip-Tech Integrates Bold Design With Functional Architecture In Moscow, a lush 3-D forest of dense green trees reaches the rooftop and encircles the AFIMall, a new retail and entertainment center. Folded faux marbleized pages jut out across the Paris Barclay Bank exterior …

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Israel’s Dip-Tech Digital In-Glass Printing Changes the Face of Architecture

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@ishopnyukco – Who Is Barbie? | The Iconic fashionista tells all in a stop motion video #socialcommerce

Check out our stop motion music video – a celebration of confidence and style!

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@ishopnyukco – Who Is Barbie? #socialcommerce. The ultimate fashionista gets that you need to  leverage technology to stay relevant! It also strikes me that few understand relevance. Communication is about speaking inferring the same #context at both ends of a conversation. It strikes me that  many brands do not see the conversation from their consumers point of view. If anything the video highlights what many have been complaining about! It’s one of teh challenges we’re working on at the www.NYukco.com incubator. 

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Holland Textiles Opens in The Bronx, Bringing @Vlisco With Them

Last summer, while walking along 3rd Avenue in The Hub, I spotted a bright, new store with gorgeous, African print fabrics. Holland Textiles advertise themselves as the “number one African Fabric …

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Vlisco is in the Bronx Holland textile Holland Textiles is located at 3037 Third Avenue and can be reached at 718-513-6280. 

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$66,596 monthly run rate, 11% increase in traffic, and big events – May 2015 monthly report – WP Curve

Revenue remains about the same, but we have made some great progress for our content and traffic.

Dan has been actively getting out to events and speaking about the WP Curve journey, he spoke at 2 great events in May.

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Can you imagine a fashion company being this open. Have you considered the value of Opening your business numbers… @Wpcurve inspires me to  consider this… I have to admit I trust them because of this openness, Quirky is also  another company that is relatively open holding  open "public meeting" 

culturally this is so different  from what I’ve seen , been taught.. yet it intriques me. it seem the ultimate "anti-corruption"  device lOl … I’m from Tinidad so… 

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