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The Alert Shirt lets fans feel what their favorite sport stars experience in real time. #haptics

How Billie Whitehouse’s Wearable Experiments is changing the way we think about clothing


The Alert Shirt lets fans feel what their favorite sport stars experience in real time. #haptics for pleasure and pain

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Renter Relationships: Tips for Getting Along Better With Your Roommate, Landlord & Neighbors

If you rent, you’re going to have to negotiate the occasional tricky relationship every now and then. From landlords, to roommates to neighbors, here are some tips on how to make those relationships go a little more smoothly and potentially cut out conflict before it starts.


A guide to living in a sharing economy!

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Ambitious & Awesome: 6 Fun DIY Stylish Projects for Outdoor Spaces – npw to find tree trunks

Have a whole weekend to really delve into DIY and try something ambitious? These six projects are for those who like adventure, a lot of work and a great reward. You’ll have a DIY object for your outdoor space that will be fun to use, nice to look at and proof you can really DIY!


#DiY Chic | Ambitious and Awesome:  6 Fun DIY Stylish Projects for Outdoor Spaces. Sometimes do DIY  items just seem  more difficult to access in an urban lifestyle! Wher eteh hell will I find tree trunks

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#Brooklyn is #Local creativity @thebrooklyndesignfair @brooklyn_mall BrooklynSquare Pretoria SA

Situated on the rooftop of Brooklyn Mall Pretoria, the Brooklyn Design Fair aims to create a sustainable pop-up event.


where your #BKStyle at- @thebrooklyndesignfair is in @brooklyn_mall in #Brooklyn Square, Pretoria, South Africa.  

Apparently they’re not pretenders to the "Brooklyn Brand," Brooklyn Square is a geographical location in pretoria South Africa…  something we cannot say about many… granted their Brooklyn May be differnt from ours but thus far that  "creativity" thing is consistent! So is there a Brooklyn Near you … and what’s teh local creative seen like there
Brooklyn by Design is a curation in art & design lifetyle in the borough of Brooklyn NY for  and please take a look and enjoy! 

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Brooklyn Tech’s 2013 national competition project- Library Redesign #187 A student design experience can teach adults a lot! #steamd


#SteamD –  this high  school design site can teacjh adults a lot about the design process –  If you’re a teen, this is the place to connect with other high school students learning about architecture, share your design solutions, and discover amazing green schools. 

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One Stitch Closer: Veronika emplos homeless women with jobs making coats for other homeless #Detroit

Women are the fabric that holds the world together. Get inspired by these women, who focus on making themselves and the world better every day. #WomenInspire…


"we do not need coats…  coats are pointless we need jobs"

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The Wedding Watchers @nytvideos short showcases how a group savor a #Brooklyn Tradition.for decades

Watching Weddings and Sweet Sixteen parties on Saturday afternoons, in the summer sunshine, with picnic basket, drinks and needle and thread in case anyone needs help. This is what a group of elderly Brooklyn women have spent their weekends for many years.


The New York Times short showcases how a group  of  Wedding watchers  savor a #Brooklyn Tradition.

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