Pulling together a passion for people, products and places and technology, an alternative film and filmmaker discovery app for the filmmaking 99%.

“Today, thirteen companies control 99% of the films we see in theaters. DigiPops is the first digital Film Festival and Pop Machine (patent-pending) to completely change the old film festival paradigm. At DigiPops, you are the new panel of judges searching for the best films. The community is the “agent” deciding who gets seen and what’s rewarded based on quality work. Here, creating stories that move is the mandate, defined and objectively measured. Here, film curation and discovery is in the hands of the DigiPops global community.”


#Filmtech, an alternative film and filmmaker discovery app for the filmmaking 99%.  via@nytech mailing list

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Pioneering Women in Venture Capital: Kathryn Gould via Steve blank

I met Kathryn Gould longer ago than either of us want to admit. Kathryn has been the founding VP of Marketing of Oracle, a successful recruiter, a world class Venture Capitalist, a co-founder of a …


Interesting read  via Steve Blank – Pioneering Women in Venture Capital: Kathryn Gould 

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@GarysGuide the best NYtech In Silicon Alley- Women in Tech Design Hackathon, Startup Grind and more!

Aug 11, 2014: The Selfie Monkeys And Walking Bears Edition!”Worth reading Superintelligence by Bostrom. We need to be super careful with AI. Potentially more dangerous than nukes.” – Elon Musk (CEO, Tesla Motors) 

IBM building scalable chip inspired by human brain. uBeam’s created functional prototype forwireless charging. MIT scientists recover speech from silent video of vibrating bag of chips. Andstretchable electronics could lead to computerized clothing & robots w/ humanlike skin that can “feel”. Amazing! :) 


@GarysGuide the best resource In Silicon Alley- Women in Tech Design Hackathon, Startup Grind and more @Gary’s guide is a must read!

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Three CUNY Colleges awarded $4.6 Mil to Fuel #NYC’s Media Technology Industry: Joint Effort Will Create Jobs and Start-Up Companies #startupdiversity

New York, NY – (July 29, 2014). Three City University of New York (CUNY) campuses – Macaulay Honors College, Hostos Community College and Lehman College – have joined forces to create a New Media Jobs Incubator and Innovation Lab. The inter-campus project will lead to the creation of new businesses and a diverse employee candidate pool, ready to work in New York City media companies.

The three campuses were awarded a total of $4.6 million dollars to launch the Jobs Incubator and Innovation Lab as part of Governor Cuomo’s CUNY 2020 initiative. The Governor’s initiative awarded eight highly competitive grants totaling $55 million to CUNY campuses that demonstrated how their programs will successfully connect academic excellence to economic development to create more jobs by the year 2020. The Jobs Incubator will offer professionally focused, project-oriented workshops and business development training to promising student entrepreneurs, helping them build projects and start businesses that serve local and regional communities. The Innovation Lab will provide access to expertise and opportunities required to launch the best ideas on a much larger scale. The rigorous academic program, which will offer an honors track and will specifically recruit a more diverse student body, is expected to graduate 200 candidates per year by the fifth year of the program.


Three CUNY Colleges awarded $4.6 Mil to Fuel #NYC’s Media Technology Industry: Joint Effort Will Create Jobs and Start-Up Companies  #startupdiversity

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WeLive Marries Micro-Apartments, #Coworking, Magic

In case you didn’t know, WeWork is one of the largest coworking organizations in the US, if not the world. They have 19 buildings in three countries. When this author visited their Soho West location, I was amazed (pictured below). There were seven floors, each thoughtfully designed and decorated and booming with activity. With its mix of large, medium and small size firms as well as freelancers, all sharing one space, all feeding off one another’s energy, it truly felt like a futuristic office.

WeWork is now going a step beyond coworking. They have plans for WeLive, which will convert a 12 story office building into a residential building featuring 252 apartments, many of which will be smaller than 360 sq ft.
WeLive will be located in Crystal City, a neighborhood in Arlington County, VA, just south of Washington DC. WeLive would seem to be a decent fit for the area as Crystal City is already configured as a self-contained city. According to Wikipedia ‘Its residents can live, shop, and work without going outside, due to its extensive integration of office buildings and residential high-rise buildings using underground corridors.’


Culture shift beyond  #Coworking communities may need to investifate, #Cohabitating #Communalcooking collaborative work models To truly  see any measurable social change… But what a culture shift that would be! 

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Dynamic Lighting for Fashion Portraits with Zach Gray

Professional photography educator Zach Gray walks viewers step-by-step through a dramatic portrait series with the Westcott 26″ Rapid Box Octa and two Rapid Box Strips. Zach discusses multiple…


Great  find Donald Schartz follow his scoop on video and images- through the lens

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@mashstartups I’ll stop calling for #Startupdiversity in @nytech #fashiontech sites like @ofakind reflect NY’s Diverse population

 When funders start asking for a diversity report trust me  this will stop!  There are some field that  you would expect challenges… but  there is no reason for a lack of diversity  in #fashiontech  in NYC especially in the supply chain.. Apparently  some things cannot be left to human “decency”! 

SMH… you know that point in a video came when you think you’ve made some progress and you turn and see all the  demons AGAIN. This is BS.

check This is NYC you cannot tell me tha tthey cannot  find suitable diverse “of a kind” designers in NY or the broader country.. but in  NY SMH.  I also  know some have called them on this before! The irony is I went to the site almost comfortable that a NY  city  #fashiontech stratup will reflect  diversity. 

@mashstartups #Startupdiversity when funders start asking for a diversity report this will stop!  I went to the site while answering a question on my personal Fb page on the role my race has played in the "opportunity" and recognition  in "Fashiontech." (will post on that tomorrow)  But I wanted to show some diversity… if any I trusted a NYTech site would reflect  tech diversity!  SMH… too much to hope for. I checked the incubators and accelerators, the confernec panels…  So sad! .. 

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