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@WindowsWear Fashion Window Walking Tour journey into NYC’s fashion industry famous stores

WindowsWear’s Fashion Window Walking Tour is NYC’s premiere fashion tour. It’s an in-depth journey into NYC’s fashion industry, its most famous stores, how they design their windows, and the latest fashions on display. is the ultimate window shopping site, allowing users to digitally shop the latest styles and looks in the windows of the world’s fashion retailers 

Experience New York City’s fashion industry and  its most famous fashion retailers. Learn how they design their windows and explore the latest on display.  


@WindowsWear  Fashion Window Walking Tour  journey into NYC’s fashion industry famous stores – Visiting NY something different to do orshop  the windows online-   Can this work at the local level?
At  Hearst Fasion Hack we pitched modekompas a concept   leveraging technology to showcase  international boutiques and makers along with a fashion tourism concept. So I love this! We’re working on some of the challenges our intimate knowledge of that  sector observed, but this approach  will become more prevalent!

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With an exhibition of Matisse’s cut-outs opening this fall, designers are creating patterns inspired by his art

With a major show of Henri Matisse’s cut-outs opening stateside this fall at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, designers are busily creating patterns inspired by the textile-obsessed painter’s art.


Matisse’s cut out were inspired by kuba cloth… should be interesting 

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What #Local #NYC #americanmade #Blackfashiondesigner and machine knit at an artisan level looks like

This is my WHY in #fashtech! leveraging technology to by-pass, #Patternmatchingss issues and give real local  designers on the Brooklyn scene some exposure. The bigger reason- tech can make tasks easier while Exposing and supporting the many extremely gifted artisan, crafters, designers and colleagues!

Leveraging technology to increase exposure and sales. for art, for craft for business!   

What if we used technology … to change how designers sourced?
Changed how they designed? 
What if they used technology to get better measurement, make and grade pattern. To cut the cost of how they show and sold.  tok orders invoiced , delivered… What if they used technology to train workers, teach what would that look like cradle to cradle the sector is changing yet few companies  spend the time SHOWING these entrepreneurs “How to!” 

Why aren’t they.  


image- Master designer and Label Michi Knitwear front and Back views of two unique looks. Local designers check out  and submit to for listing on   

What if #startups shifted those huge marketing budgets to customer development!  What if they  actually bought local products from those they sold to,  circulated thattech wealth into teh community! trade not aid…   

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Take your tech company to the UK with the GREAT Tech Awards!

Technology companies with a presence in the US can enter the GREAT Tech Awards. Winners will take part in a tailored business development programme in the UK.


Take your tech company to the UK with the GREAT Tech Awards! Via @Northside festival

Britain is an island of innovators. Join them by applying for The GREAT Tech Awards, which will send the best tech companies from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania to London for a bespoke business development program. Setting up an overseas office has never been easier! They’re also recognizing UK tech firms who’ve found success in the US.
Applications are due by August 1.
Apply and find out more at

Want to learn more about The GREAT Tech Awards and what expanding to the UK could mean for your company? Head over to YouTube to hear what their judges, advisors and 2013 winners had to say in a recent Google Hangout.

Sponsored by UK Trade & Investment and the British Consulate General New York, a proud sponsor of the Northside Film Festival.

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@BKfashionweek is calling labor day mas designers for Fashion Week in #Brooklyn Style #BKSTYLE

Masquerade designer prepping for Brooklyn’s labor day to submit their offerings for our online


@BKfashionweek  is calling labor day mas designers! Every week is a Fashion Week  inBrooklyn Style  (BKSTYLE!)  and Brooklyn Fashion Week has been redesigned to leverage Social content  curation and Seo for the Creative Fashion  Community. Mas design as spotlighted during the Labor day celebrations managed by  West Indian American Day Carnival Association (WIADCA)  is a part of Brooklyn’s design  culture We’re calling on mas designers to submit for our front page feature! we’re especially  seeking   Designers who are now designing for mas bands to spotlight their sections . 

Please ensure your band submits designers and images SAP!  All submissions made by the end of July will be highlighted!

Chart shows that Designers are 23% more likely to take my word han a recomendation from FB.

Facebook is a threat to Yelp.


Designers ar 23% more likely to take my  word than a recomendation from FB,Fact is I’ll call Esther in St.lucia before on a machinee selction   or  a designer in someone in LA on a suplier check  Makersrow! What this chart boldly shows is tha no one has really figured out  how to recreate "influence" and the recommendation hype is well just…   Now in tech  I go to a GPlus or facebook  group… on a subject  that  has a narrow community. an dthen  on general topics of opinion.  there are som eares where yelp sis fine… food, dining  for example. i’m going with the luxury and hOPE  of being "surprised"! . 

WFMU wants to build open tools to help radio stations (and others) raise money and build community

“Audience Engine is WFMU’s strategy for helping small media organizations like themselves fundraise and build community.


Audience Engine is a strategy for helping small media organizations fundraise and build community. #crowdfunding


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